Have you ever noticed that when someone quotes famous people in a conversation, they instantly gain more credibility and his or her words just seem so much more on point and serious? Also, if you are a famous person, do your publicly spoken words automatically gain a status of wisdom, or do those words make the person even more famous for being wise words? Well, we are not sure about the second question, but memorizing a famous quote or two is a sure shot to appearing smarter and well-educated and also might save you some serious life lessons. Now, you could browse the Internet all day until you find the citation of your liking, or you could just check this list by Bored Panda full of famous quotes from beloved entrepreneurs, actors, artists and historical figures.

We made sure to add citations that are not only sharp but also quotes you could actually live by – such as choosing to be extraordinary instead of being a cog in the machine or setting your own path in life rather than following someone else’s dreams and aspirations. Memorizing these inspiring quotes might not only make you look smart in a conversation but also change your own views on this thing called life. So, scroll down below for some verified wisdom and don’t forget to vote for truly eye-opening quotes about life!

Warren Buffett

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